Story and Poem of the Week and Inspiration Point

If I were to list honourable mentions for this week's Poem of the Week, I would literally be here for hours and I can't spare the time as I need to find my train ticket for York, so just read everything with a cherry on it and you won't miss out on what's been a brilliant week. I decided to give the top spot in the end to lavadis for his brilliant 'Tangerine Static'.

Story of the Week goes to The Other Terrence Oblong for 'The Toll Booth Problem' but it was a photo finish between that and Rosa Cruz's 'Little Woman' and Hudson Moon's 'The Reclining Years', so please read those too.

Here's this week's Inspiration Point:

Right, I am off to find my ticket now. If you're coming tomorrow and don't get blown off course by Storm Whateverthisone'scalled I shall see you there!