Story and Poem of the Week and Inspiration Point

It's the most beautiful day where I live - the first really warm one of the year, so it's been a great pleasure to sit here by the open door into the garden  catching up on some of the wonderful writing that's been posted this week.

Poem of the Week was particularly hard as there's been so much good stuff, and I would like to give a very honourable mention to Philip Sidney for 'Misogyny in the 70s' which has been pipped to the post by a hair's breadth only, by Di_Hard's 'change of address'. Story of the Week goes to TJW's extraordinary two-parter 'Frailty' which I hope everyone will read and share. Another honourable mention for paborama's  'Snorri Sturluson'.


Here's the new Inspiration Point:

and I hope you all have a wonderful and peaceful Easter!