Story and Poem of the Week and Inspiration Point

Among yet another surfeit of goodies this week, two pieces really stood out for me.

If anyone hasn't been following Sean McNulty's witty, magical, odd and beautifully written sequence of tales about Masterson, Katrine, Geissel et al, 'Deep', our Story of the Week, is a marvellous introduction.  Please do go back and read the others, and keep your eye out for future ones.  They're really not like anything else you will find on here or elsewhere.

Poem of the Week is mcmanaman's 'Shopping With Kids', an everyday story of the beautiful and the heartbreaking.  When something ends, it's not just one relationship you lose.

Don't forget our London Reading Event on 16 November!  These are always wonderful occasions, a chance to meet fellow ABC Talers, and to hear some fantastic stuff read by the authors themselves.

This week's Inspiration Point is here: