Story, Poem and Inspiration Point of the Week

Finding a poem this week was quite hard because the quality of submissions was even more outstanding than usual. I think maggyvaneijck is the rightful winner though, with the multi-layered Blue. Definitely one to read again and again.

For the Story of the Week you're getting three for the price of one! Noo's trio of wonderful shorts, each with an unlikely ending - and they were so good, I am nicking the title and theme for this week's Inspiration Point: Deus Ex Machina - which, to quote Noo " has come to mean a plot device that allows an abrupt and unfeasible solution to a problem when a writer has painted a character into a corner." Good luck, and I look forward to seeing what you all come up with!


Don't forget we'll shortly be announcing the first winner of our new feature - Pick of the Month, so look out for that, and come back tomorrow when we'll be releasing details of our wonderful new competition!




you are meant to provide links. But, hey, not everybody is high tech. 


oh god I'm sorry - hang on!


I've been assembling Ikea furniture. I think that's a fairly valid excuse


Ikea furniture is never an excuse.


it bloody well is!


sounds more like a spot of boasting. I've got Ikea, what have the rest of you proles got, chuckle, chuckle -Homebase!


it's the same price isn't it?