Story of the Week, Poem of the Week and Inspiration Point 23 Feb 2024

Not an easy task ever and this week is no exception.

Poem of the Week

RhiannonW’s Titterstone Clee (533m)16/02/24 was very fine, as was seashore’s deeply moving Killing the Killers.

However, from a personal point of view, I always like to see writers stretch themselves, go places that don’t normally go with their work, do something different. With that in mind,this weeks Poem of the Week is Jack O’Donnell’s sweetly charming Tilly cut loose from the day.

Story of the Week

Lots to choose from here too. Particularly good were, (as usual) Turlough’s travel writing with a difference Johnny Ten Levs and also Ed Crane’s latest part of his on-going story New Directions.

This weeks accolade goes to another ongoing work, the latest part, 19, of Jane Hyphen’s terrifically* funny Parcel for You

* word chosen very carefully.

Inspiration Point is here.