The Trouble With Magical Beings by JoAnne Stefanizzi (Penny4athought)

I am very pleased to announce the publication of 'The Trouble With Magical Beings' by JoAnne Stefanizzi who writes on ABCTales as Penny4athought:

'Nine year old Daniel is flying his kite along the beach late at night when something begins to spark in the tail of his kite. He's afraid his precious kite is on fire and he doesn’t want anything to happen to his kite. His dad built it with him two year ago and they can never build another one because his dad died last year. Daniel is surprised to discover the sparks are from a magical creature named Naia. 
Naia is a Dolphite, she can fly like a light beam and dive to the depths of the ocean like a dolphin. Her father Kale is King of the Dolphites, and has warned her never to interact with humans, for humans are forbidden to know of magic. 
Daniel asks Naia for a wish but she cannot grant him one and she asks him to free her before her father finds her, but its too late. 
Kale is not pleased with his daughter or the small human, who is asking him for a wish, but he is moved by the boy’s request and, though it’s not a simple wish, he offers Daniel a challenge. To enter an adventure and if he can prove himself worthy, he’ll be granted one wish.
Daniel returns the next night to begin his adventure unaware his five year old sister, Jenny, has followed him to the beach and now Kale has to include her too.
They will cross paths with an angry Poseidon, a suspicious Tarsier, A sneaky snake, an upset Pele and other magical creatures who will judge them and send them onward to new twists before their adventure is over and Daniel learns if he has earned his wish.'



This is wonderful news. I am so happy for JoAnne. When you work so hard on a story, to get published makes it so worth while.

I wish her all the luck in the future.