A Day to Remember

Wow, what an experience. Standing in the parade ring with the trainer and the jockey. Looking at the colours that our little syndicate had designed. Hours in the pub discussing different cap colours, sleeve and body colours and designs. Agreeing then disagreeing about them. Another beer, then coming to a compromise about it all. Another beer then toasting our choice. Red cap, black shirt with a white diamond, black and white checked sleeves.
Then seeing them ACTUALLY being worn by the jockey.The jockey whose going to ride OUR horse in it's first ever race. Talking with the trainer and the jockey about riding tactics and whether to be the front runner or not. Talking about how heavy the ground is and how the horse will react to its first ever run on a proper racecourse.
I had to pinch myself a few times to make sure I wasn't dreaming. A couple of lads from a council estate in East London now have their own racehorse. Living the dream...

By the way... he came third. Really pleased!


Congratulations. Sounds like a brilliant and peaceful pasttime Jolono. I'm happy for you.

Thank you Pia. He'll come on for the run. Should run again end of Jan or beggining of Feb.


Thank you and Merry Christmas.


Congratulations, Jolono. It's always good to hear of someone living their dreams.

Thanks Chastol. It has been a dream of mine since a kid.