The Fear

A four part series on Channel 4 that ended last night. Best thing I've seen on TV for a very long time. A Brighton gangster is in the early stages of dementia with fatal consequence for him and his family. Peter Mullan plays Richie Bennett brilliantly and the way that his condition overtakes him is breathtaking. A must see.


Hi Stan, I think he is such a great actor and yes I am older by a year! I've seen Tyrannosaur, Brilliant. Ripper Street just didn't do it for me. I watched the first couple and then lost interest. Hope everythings okay with you and the living arrangements are better than they were!


Yeh seen it Stan. Christopher Walken is a favourite. I'm the same, give me a film to watch instead of all the crap thats on the tele each night. Just finished watching The Departed ( again) must have seen it five times at least. Jack Nicholson is just superb in it! Mind you Ray Winstones american accent is naff ( sorry Ray).


My favourite Winstone film. Kingsley is just so good in that, possibly the scariest man alive!