Mayer Hawthorne

About six years ago i was introduced to this guy's music. The recomendation came from a much older mate of mine ( sadly no longer with us ). He knew that we had similar tastes in music ( Soul, Funk, Jazz etc etc). He'd just released his first album. I listened to the album, it reminded me of Hall and Oates in their prime.The voice was falsetto with a rich soulfull tone. Bit, boppy, bit commercial, but the hooks were contagious. I pictured the guy in my head. Probably six feet tall, black,well groomed etc etc.

Then i saw him. White, small and nerdy. He looks like Buddy Holly!

Can I describe the music? No way, you have to listen to it. Each song he does seems to come from a different era and genre.

I was lucky enough to see him at a small venue in Kings Cross ( The Scala) last year. All age groups were there. I went with my son who's now a massive fan, he's 27.

One song will remind you of a motown classic, another will have you thinking of the Stylistics and then he does something that makes you think your listening to ELO. Put it all together and you have something magic. His new single is called Designer Drug and takes you back to 80's club music. the new album is out later this year.

Heres some links, have a look.

And the new one. No official video yet. I dare you not to tap your feet!