Sandown 2nd feb.

Well hes now entered in a big race at Sandown on Saturday. However, I will be in Norway!
But the lads will be there cheering him on. He's up against much more experienced horses and the best I can hope for is a place. But you never know!
I will try to listen to the commentary whilst away. I'll be on some kind of glacier somewhere in the middle of bloody nowhere trying to get a signal! But thats okay, looking forward to the trip.

Come on Rio!


He must have run by now--what the hell are you doing on a glacier- funny place to be- hope you don't freeze.. Go Rio

Hope the trip was AWESOME! I'd love to see a glacier :-) And hope Rio was moving his blooming arse in the winners circle! $


Shannan, it was! Normally i go somewhere and tick the box so to speak. Then like to move on somewhere else. But this was spectacular. I would go back there in a heartbeat. Saw the Northern Lights, drove a pack of dogs on a sled, slept a night in the Ice Hotel and much more besides. loved every minute of it. Mind you, its so expensive, £10 for a pint of beer!


But you need the beer to keep warm ;-) ... shocking... j, that is incredible, may those wonderful moments never end for you.