24.01.14 Story, Poem and Inspiration Point of the Week

Our story of the week comes from In The Day, the utterly incredible novel from Kevin Marman, a.k.a Stan, which is now available from Longmarsh Press and soon from Waterstones and independent booksellers around the UK. If you’re interested, find out how to get a copy and read a full review of the book, here:


But if you’re not convinced, have a read of ‘Thursday’, our story of the week. This excerpt is a harrowing account of how fine the line of control is for someone with mental health issues. The narrator picks up a knife, picks up a bottle, yet somehow, miraculously, makes it through. A stunning, insightful piece of writing the caliber of which is rarely matched:

Our poem of the week is Bee’s ‘As Autumn Leaves’. This is a beautiful poem about leaves pressed between the pages of a book, but there is something deeper at work, a figuring of nostalgia and the memories we keep sealed within us. Another lyrical and touching piece from a great ABC poet:


Our inspiration this week is an interesting one, suggested by Denzella, and I'm sure it'll spark off a few great trains of thought: ‘Turning a negative into a positive’. Have a whirl and respond, here:


And once again, the ABCtales get-together in the North is happening next Saturday in York. It’s sure to be an incredible night, with a great roster of readers from around the country – and abroad! This may be the first ABCtales event to host a virtual reading - so come out and see what it’s like for yourself. More information available here: