ABCtales Get-together in York this Saturday

ABCtales is hosting a get-together in the north this weekend!

On Saturday, 1st February 2014, we will be meeting at The Black Swan in York (23 Peasholme Green, YO1 7PR). There will be readings beginning at 18:30 and on until 20:30, but the conversation and catch-up will no doubt go on for much longer.

This is the perfect opportunity to hear a live performance from a very talented roster of ABC's authors. But on top of our usual reading model we will also be featuring our first-ever digital appearance, so be sure to attend as we’ll be making ABC history.

Currently on the reading roster are (in no particular order): Tony Cook, Luke Neima, Sooze, Elsie Katz, Lisa Hinsley, Vera Clark, Parson Thru, insertponceyfrenchnamehere, Denzella, Ralph, Miss jacqui Wicks, Luigi, Scratch, Helen Cadbury (provisional), Graham Pilkington (provisional) and Hudsonmoon (virtual).

If you’re anywhere in the north of England, please do come out, put some faces to names and enjoy a fantastic night out.




Bring it on!  Can't wait to see everyone.


Wonderful, in fact. So nice to hear everyone and chat after. Never enough time, scratch. I think you might have picked up a new fan.

Parson Thru

If University hadn't already broken my bank account this would've been so great to come to! )':


@Parsons.  Eh?  Who you on about.  PM me if it's sensitive.  Lol.