ABCtales publishes 100 000 Stories

ABCtales has just published its 100 000th story — this is a major milestone for us and I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for your continuing support of the site, and for filling it with so much excellent work throughout the years.

From its inception in September of 2000 ABCtales has been dedicated to supporting writers and helping them to develop in every way we can. And the stories speak for themselves – we’ve seen dozens of authors come and find their voice on the site, we’ve watched novels take root and grow and seen more than a few of them get snatched up by publishers. But more than anything else, we’ve  proudly watched a community develop where anyone can feel comfortable participating — whether that be by sharing work, giving feedback or simply reading.

And 100 000 is just the beginning. We are currently building new channels to help spread the work of our authors to a wider readership, and a large part of that will be unveiled next month as we launch a new version of the site.  It will be the same ABCtales you all know so well – just simpler and easier to use!

Thanks to all of you once again, I’ll be popping a bottle of bubbly in celebration and hope that you all will take a moment to celebrate, too.


Yippee! That's great.  I'm interested...whose story or poem was number 100 000?  Whoever it was congratulations.  A great big thank you must go to Tony for all his dedication on our behalf.  I think we should all post a comment in this forum to show how much we appreciated his efforts or if that will block up the site then  starting with a new comments box each person just put a star * so that he knows how much he is appreciated..

Next we come to Luke and he has made a good start and I get the impression he is brimming over with ideas.  Certainly the second critqueing session that he organized was most enjoyable and I look forward to more of them in the future.  Good luck Luke, so far, you're doing a grand job!.



yes to you Moya.


in a few short years, so many stories. At least there's one growth industry. Well done.