ABCtales At York

This past Saturday ABCtales took The Black Swan in York by storm. It was a night to remember: we had a huge turnout and a suite of incredible readings that ran the gamut from daff-picking to Italian cooking, African vacations to dopplegangers, social workers to microwave ovens. The stories and poems were stunning,  punctuated by a ukulele serenade from Miss Jacqui Wicks and a digital cameo from HudsonMoon - who made an appearance all the way from New York City!

Enormous thanks are due to Scratch for organising – he pulled out all the stops and it showed. This was one of the best ABC evenings I’ve attended yet, but if you couldn’t make it, don’t feel bad (feel a little bad), just get your diary out and cross out the second weekend in September – which is when we’re planning our next reunion in the North. For those of you in the South, ABCtales will be meeting in London on March 26th – so book the evening off now and start polishing something to read!

For a snippet of the event, have a look at the video HudsonMoon prepared – a reading from his Craven Danger Mysteries, ‘Phooey on Sunshine and Daisies’. Prepare your sides in advance:


smileyWhile I am so happy that you all had a good time, in beautiful York. I am sad crying I could not attend. And hope we have meetings all over UK, and anywhere there are writers :)



take care

smiley Keep Smiling

Keep Writing xxx

Didn't  someone suggest smaller meetings in different parts of the country.  I'd be up for that..