New In, and first out...

I had a walk out today, after a week nearly of anti-biotics and rest, my legs are weak, and ache.  Yet Spring is on the way, and the weather struck me as more temperate than usual and I ventured out in a linen jacket, a long (on me) gor-ray skirt, and a blue satin blouse.  I finished the outfit with a blue leather bag, and a pair of blue, very feminine, court style, extra width shoes from Lotus. 

The Norwich store was busy, in each department, and there are five floors including the basement.  What did I choose?  

Here’s my top picks….

Coast for the Windsor Dresses, ever wanted to be Royal with a swing…  My problem with a grand swing is that always something is knocked over...  so not for me!  they look gorgeous though, regal.

Warehouse - for the 1940’s inspired T-Dress in Green, which might inspire me to try to dance…    how about you?  Fancy a cup of tea anyone? 

Or how about being a Voodoo Vixen? 

I personally bought from Isabelle of London, which I recall being taken into the guardian’s house with a small suitcase of, as it had been my favourite before I left my Grandfather’s care at the shop….   I wasn’t allowed to keep any very long, there were other children there who needed clothing, and I was soon told I’d grown out of, or was too big, badly shaped, etc, not important enough to warrant such expensive clothes. 

I like Isabelle of London, because they have kept to the same simple shapes and designs with a small flare of design which updates their clothes to present day standard.  It keeps them easy to wear.   So, my new dress follows the line of my body, fits to about the knee, because I’m quite short below the waist.  It fits very well, looks amazing as the colours are so good… even at my age..

When choosing your clothes – you need to know yourself….  I mean who else does?

And I haven’t chosen to show it to you as everyone should always choose their own style and let themselves grow as people who know how to choose, and enjoy the spice in life.


Very interesting I never had sisters men don't bother and fuss so much we're ugly enough as it is.