Saved Data

Well as you can see I'm still under a black cloud, I moved away as the landlord, bless his little cotton socks wanted to sell his flat in Norwich from far away America.    Leaving me struggling to find a suitable alternative, and then my older son, who suddnely felt like his Mother should come and live closer, invited me too...   

So I set about struggling to find something suitable, near by, not on top of, but close enough. I couldn't find any. I was also considering moving into an RAFA flat as I was in the RAF after WW2 finished.  In the end, due to the impossiblities of finding a near to one, I moved to Prince Harry's county, East Sussex.

I was hoping for peace.  Because if you've read through this blog, you'll know I haven't had much of it.  I have been living on my nerves mostly, and not writing much due to all the miasma.  

No such luck, they all moved too, and have tried to poisen folk down here towards me...  For a short while they had support through the churches etc, yet that does seem to have come to an end - they were silly enough to do horrible acts.  No remorse, or regret was shown by them.

I am known by some of the folk here, as my Grandfather - I won't drop in here who he was exactly, but he did work on flats, and did do the work early on in this one.  We spent time here, I won these flats from the local vampires - don't ask.  I managed to shut them out, and refused to let them back in. They liked my attitude, and said I had won the flats!   The building had been their best fought over peice, and they did like a fight with the humans!

Anyway, the humans here, do some ot them recall me from then, so I have had some fun, and I think this may be the reason that most of the bad folk here have peeled away from the dangers of the really evil folk..

I went to my son's over the Holocaust remembrance day stuff, and didn't take part, although I am fully recognised by them and by the services now.  My memory of my early days is much improved, I thank God personally.  It's been such a long haul, for Rosalind and myself.  That's the other thing, that my early personality is making more of an appearance within Rosalind.  She used to sit right back, and only do things when she really felt there was a need, now its more a co-joined operation.

You'd laugh, I went down to Waitrose, to pick up some shopping, on my scooter and the Nazi descendants were down there with their helpers - the Jews - that they have convinced that they had a terrible time during nad since WW2.

I was asked to let them buy me stuff, apparently someone pays for their food, I had to smile.  I don't want to eat with Nazi's and siddenly I was talking, in my own way.   

"I don't want to join the Nazi feeding program," I opinioned, "I don't like the idea, I know it;s very kind and liberal of you to be so good to the Nazi descendants in the UK,.  I was at the concentration camp, and I can't get my head around eating with Nazi's!!"

There was a shocked silence and then some laughter - and I believe it may be checked out, I ignored the we were trying to help you comments, etc, and fled off on the scooter fast.

Why didn't they stay back there?  Please?  Please go home ET!