A few minutes of meditation today. True silence is not possible of course. The sound of my breathing is mingled with the sounds of my enviroment. Breath in, the birds outside my living room window chatter. Mostly sparrows, an odd jay or cardinal adds a percussive rhythm. Aircraft on their way to landing filled with people and their thoughts pass overhead. I hear the groan of the engines and wonder at the lives passing by. My lungs are filled, I hold the breath long enough to feel the satisfaction of a job well done. A breath of air taken and held, a precious resource sampled and made productive use of. The parking lot next door has a speed hump, I can hear the springs of a vehicle protest passing over. Compression and release as I release the breath. With the breath I try to release anger, disappointment, fear, want. Let it go, let it go like the carbon dioxide from my blood before it posions me and drags me down. There will be more soon enough, more than enough. Take another breath in, feel the cleansing refreshing oxygen pass through my nose, down my throat, into my lungs. Bring in goodness, health, peace, tranquility, and hope. Hope for another breath, another heartbeat, another day. 



You remind me of when I was still smoking it's a few years now. Horrible. These days I also find it a lot easier to breathe. Enjoy it Don't take it for granted.