Happiness is a warm keyboard = I live to and love to write

The chill is welcome on this fine grey day, it fits my mood completely. 2017 heralds in confusing and concerning changes for the world, and of course unknowns within my own life.

On this cloud filled, silver lit day, I sit here on my front porch and ponder. What will it bring? Success…Failure…Joy…Sorrow? How much will I affect the outcomes? How much will be out of my control?

Life is ever moving…territory unknown…and I cannot drag my foot to slow it down…or rewind…I am its pawn and yet it’s master, within my own realm of being anyway.

I’ve a New Year to live and blank diary pages to fill…Is this the year I accomplish my dream...Publish a work...or keep rewriting the chapters of my book and my life?

January grants that time to reflect on what is most important….tickles the conscience to make the promises I’ve yet to keep…Life is fleeting and, like the swift flight of the small bird darting through the tree above me, I know the opportunity here today may be only a reflection in the rear view mirror tomorrow. So I hold my hand out into the strong wind and try to capture that illusive dream…that better day.

I am an optimist at heart…always have been…and I see no end to that mind set now in my ____decade. You can fill in twentieth if you like…it is how I feel at heart anyway…but being an optimist I will cling to the belief that this year will be a spring board to better…I will hold in my heart a wish for all mankind to prosper and persevere and come together in acknowledgement of our similarities and not divide on differences. Believing in spirit, the words of my favorite band, I sing out…”All you need is Love, Love is all you need,” and I turn my face towards this New Year with hope and foolish abandon… It will be the best one yet!


Hunkered down in my winter jacket braving this cold grey day, seeing the sun just beyond the darkest clouds and feelings it’s warmth in my heart for all things possible.

Thanks for listening….smiley


Hope the New Year gives you and all of us our greatest wishes.


Thank you Jenny, I wish the same- may all our hopes and dreams come true in this new unwriten year.