Happiness is a warm keyboard = I live to and love to write

I've got too much time on my hands –but that’s not a complaint exactly, it’s a cry for organization. I am still home and staying safe waiting for the cases to decline again and I decided to use this time as a gift and give my writing a daily focus, which while I was working full time was never a possibility.

So I’ve restarted several stories I’d left unfinished- but somehow I’ve started them all at the same time. That wasn’t the plan; it just happened that way. I would begin on a chapter on one of the stories and find I had all these ideas coming through for one of the other stories. So I’d open that book and add my thoughts and then flip back - I’ve been flipping back and forth between four stories and I cannot tell you how many characters are living in my head right now, but we have dinner together frequently and it’s very crowded and noisy at the table.

I have to admit it is fun to wake up and have the time to write like this but I’m not fond of why we’re all needing to stay home and I hope with all the confusing politicians posturing out there that we can still find our way out of this pandemic…if only they’d stop flipping back and forth through their separate fantasy stories and stick to the truth…Oh wouldn’t that be nice?

For now, we are at the mercy of this virus and while it is running rampant outside my door I’ll stay by my little keyboard and tap out my escape into a writer’s world.

Tonight, I'm sitting by my desk and looking out the window up into the night sky and it’s a clear night and I can see a few stars. The owl in my little forest back yard is hooting. As always the night inspires me and I can feel the thread of the next chapter forming…my fingers find their way over the keys and I am zoning out as all those characters in my head start racing for the page...

Thanks for listening.smiley