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The Holiday Season changes with age. I’ve learned that over my decades of life. It was magical when my age was in single digits…thrilling up to and through my twenties…joyful and happy when my own children were very young and my family began some new traditions along with the old…but as time marches on… the gathering at my table has became smaller…family and friends move away…children grow up...but more difficult…loved ones pass.

There is an empty space in my holidays and in my life that cannot be filled no matter how I try. I deck the halls and light the Christmas tree and wish them here…I ring in the New Year and toast the resolutions and wish them here.

Life is a puzzle and pieces fall away… leaving emptiness where once stood vibrant colors and connections to the whole…but those empty spaces are not blank they are filled with voices and vivid moments that may live no longer in the day but will always be remembered...and never replaced. They swirl in my thoughts along with glad tidings and merry wishes. Days they were a part of…are a part of me. I am grateful to have had them in my life for so long and selfish enough to wish they had stayed longer…

On this eve of a new year…sitting here with an old photo album…reminiscing….closing out the old year…gathering with family... and wishing them here.


Thanks for listeningsmiley

Happy New Year!