Happiness is a warm keyboard=I live to and love to write

I love that lucid moment when I first wake up and know this is my day. It is not unlike a lucid dream when you suddenly realize you are dreaming and decide: ‘What the heck I may as well fly, it’s my dream,’ …And then you do...So Today…I may as well fly...

When all 24 hours are mine to do with as I will... My choice... and no other voice but mine commands me.

I can lazy about and read, take time to enjoy my morning coffee or walk along the boulevard and window shop... I can mull over the next chapter in my head or capture it on pristine paper and post it…daydreaming to my writer’s heart’s content…

It is my call…my day. And today is mine! Mine! All mine!

I feel like *‘Daffy ducking’ all over the place announcing it to the world (*for those who are Warner Bros./Bugs Bunny lovers you will have the image of Daffy bouncing all over the cartoon screen stating “Mine! Mine! Mine!”) For those who are not, I offer this… I am Happy, Happy…so greedily Happy… and hugging my day!

Anything I want to do I can do…anything is possible… within my limited financial structure of course. I know I can’t go buy a Lamborghini but I can read about one if I choose to…and then write one into my story.

Reality is tinted by our perception of the world and today my perception is absolutely wonderful and lighthearted....golden sunshine through cerulean blue skies.

I am stepping out the door and breathing in the crisp air of possibilities….keys in hand with no destination determined. Windows down and engine started…imagining my old car is a raging Centenario Lamborghini… and I am flooring it.

Capture your days off and make them all yours…

Thanks for listening.smiley