Happiness is a warm keyboard=I live to and love to write

The leaves are changing outside my window and the air is just that touch of chilling that makes me feel alive.

This time of year awakens in me the true writer because it feeds my imagination… I don’t know why the months from October to January have this affect on me…I only know since childhood... they do.

It starts in October…Halloween and the lure of costumes and their magical abilities to transform you…the tingling intrigue of mysteries and myths that make the month so full of spirits and giggles leading up to its culmination of fun on the 31st….

And the very next day, I am happily led into November...

From November 1st on I begin to feel an anticipation…and as sentimental as this sounds…it does make me think of family and moments shared throughout my life…and I am grateful for every one of them…And on that fourth Thursday in November...I will welcome everyone at my Thanksgiving Day table and miss and wish for those who are not…

And then its on to December…with all of its cheesy, heartwarming, some times poorly acted Christmas movies…the brightly lit trees and overdone decorations of stores and neighborhoods that promise much and may not always deliver…but somehow it doesn’t matter...because in December I am transformed into a little kid again…one who truly believes. I’m wearing my philosophical, rose colored glasses and singing carols in my head…and sometimes out loud too.  It is in this month that I hold the best and dearest memories. And they help me renew my faith and trust in the possibilities of a great universe and a better me...and with all those happy thoughts I leap hopefully into the New Year.

Oh I know how silly that sounds, and how pie in the sky idealistic it is… but we all have something that renews our spirit…feeds our souls…help us to see things just a little clearer. And no matter what that something is...we have to embrace it – If it makes our days happier and our moments more meaningful…after all… that is the best part of being alive and human isnt it?

The connections to others– the fine threads of shared days. They weave through our thoughts  warming us like fine wine on a summer's night and tantalize us with delicious memories...and all in all...makes our life worth living.


Sitting here with a cup of warm, aromatic tea raised in a toast to all those magical, life inspiring moments in our lives…letting the steam curl up to warm my face and inspire my imagination as I look forward to the best days that are yet to be.


Thanks for listeningsmiley



Love your sentiments Penny. This too is my favourite time of year and you're so right there's something magical about nature at this time of year, like the hidden creatures now sleeping preparing for Spring when life begins to wake up again.


This is the best Season for me too. I just love waking up to a chilly morning and a warm cup of chocolate.....ahhhh the memories. Thanks for reading and as always leaving me such nice comments. smiley


Sounds good to me Penny, though this is a rather sad time for my family, I enjoyed reading your lovely warm sentiments 



I'm sorry to hear it is a sad time of year for you and your family and I'm humbled that you took the time to tell me you enjoyed my ramblings.