Happiness is a warm keyboard=I live to and love to write

I’ve tried to stay with one story until the ending is done but mid-way through…I’ll get another spark of a story idea and have to write it out before I lose it…. Then half way between writing stories one and two…I will be inspired again and start a third …

I know this is probably not the best way to write but it seems to be how my muse works for me.

Of course, every time I jump back and forth between plot lines I have to go back and read the past chapters again…just so I can continue…crazy I know…but I’m never bored with revisiting…and reading them again stimulates new thoughts about the story line and…I’ve let the characters settle into their personalities and gel a bit…now they know where they want to go…and they become more real to me...as if I’ve known them for a while…like old friends…and suddenly it’s easier to write their story.

I do wonder if this is the way anyone else approaches their writing….

This is what works for me…stirs my imagination and fires up that next idea…but I’m sure all writers have unique approaches…no defined right or wrong way to write…except maybe if we are talking sentence structure, which I’ll admit sometimes…is not my strong suit…but no matter how or when inspiration strikes…its always magic for me.

The other day, I was having a coffee in my favorite café… in my favorite Barnes and Noble,…yes, we still have one of those…thankfully…and I had a sparkling thought about a new character.

I had to quickly grab a pen and write it down on my little square, white paper napkin… and as one thought led to another…I had a character’s name followed by a setting and a fascinating situation…racing thoughts…demanding to be written down…and soon I had filled up four small square napkins on the front and back…I had to number them to keep them in order…

Reading them over…I thought it was a pretty good story line and…once I finish with stories one through three…that I’m currently juggling…I will definitely work this one in too.

My writer’s brain is always on…always picking out words I like the sound of in conversations…curiously looking through thesauruses for better synonyms…and Dictionaries are my research centers and…I think…words actually light up my brain…my MRI’s would be neon if I took one while reading Webster’s and discovering new words and meanings…I’m sure of it.

I love the feeling of freedom starting a new story gives me… I can get lost in new plots, characters and dialogue all day long…I think I know what Heaven would be for me…

Anyway, I am tonight settling into one of my three current stories and plotting along as stray thoughts keep pinging through my mind about the other two…and that pesky one I began in the bookstore is strongly vying for attention…so…


I’m going to brew a strong cup of tea…let my story worlds collide…and see where they lead me tonight…….


 Thanks for listeningsmiley



I think of lots of new storylines and sometime I wrtte them and sometimes I don't. A problem is writing review and other stuff eats into time which can be used writing or reading, but there's no real answer to that. It's all learning. 


Yes, you're right. It is all learning. smiley