Happiness is a warm keyboard=I live to and love to write

Writers Wasteland….I am there. This week has been fraught with never ending obligations. Work and home have monopolized my life to the point of stagnant. I have no thoughts to work with and no energy to give to my writing. I know there are weeks like this in every life and so I am not surprised by it…just frustrated.

These are the days I wish I could sit upon white sand beaches or gaze up at snow capped mountains from a reclusive log cabin.. spend my days in endless pursuit of writing. Imagining this freedom...complete freedom to be- is heady…I wish…I wish…I wish.  I know --Not the most constructive solution to the problem--but of course the most fun.

I know my world will level again and I will complete that chapter-- but for this week I give in to life and roadblocks….sometimes there are no choices ---so here’s to next week and a few hours to myself….until then- I can dream.

Thanks for Listening.smiley





when you are living life, life is writng you. Nothing wasted. Don't be too hard on yourself. Come back, if not refreshed, anew. 


Very profound--life is writing me--how true. Every second of every day, page by page, my life is unfolding--my book is being written-nothing is a waste only an experience. Thank you celticman for the wakeup . Yes, Tomorrow I will start anew.