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I've been trying to expand my sight – my writer’s sight that is- I've always leaned fully into the romance genre and the magical adventure story and I do add touches of science, so I’ve begun to wonder if I have it in me to write a straight science fiction.

The plot isn't the issue, I love science, but the characters are challenging. I bend towards highlighting the attraction between characters wehn I write a story...so to write science fiction or adventure, I’d have to harness the romantic dialogue and focus mainly on the action… and that’s where I’m having some growing pains.

I've started a story but had to rewrite the second chapter because I realized...after re-reading it several times... it was just another romance in science fiction disguise.

So it was back to the old blank computer screen for me.

I wiped the second chapter completely out and contemplated on how to develop the plot. I thought about science fiction books I’ve read and realized, even if there is an attraction between characters it is secondary to the imminent danger that encompasses them.

Suffice it to say, this is not an easy focus for me but I’m determined to give it a good try.

I'd attempted stories with time travel or ancient talismans and plots of intrigue but after the hook in chapter 1- I had to force the plot to stay on intrigue and found I usually veered off to warm embrace.

No denying it, I am a romantic at heart, that’s the first problem. I'm a John Lennon theorist that *“Love is the answer” (*Mind Games) and "it’s the power" (also Mind Games) , and the Beatles: “All you need is love” has been my directional anthem… But…Science fiction or Adventure writers push a story’s romance aside, if there is any, allowing it to hover on the edges, glimpsing just enough to give perspective to the hero or heroine’s personality but the focus stays on the imminent danger, saving the planet, catching the thief or some such goal.

I want to try it, and if my science fiction story has a relationship twisted into it, I'll keep the spotlight on the intrigue and action, leaving the culmination of any attraction for the ending, and not before the world is saved.

So my homework this week will be to re-read some of my favorite science fiction authors and immerse myself in the realm of scientific possibilities. Not a problem, I do love science. And I’d love to expand my writer’s horizons in that direction...right to the edge of the universe.

I’ve just checked the calendar and there was a new moon on May 22nd-...hmmm, makes me think it’s a good time to change course…

So with the new moon’s pull of gravity...I'm feeling scientifically stirred to give it a try….

Thanks for listening smiley...if you'd like to read my attempt at sci-fi...below are the links to the first 2 chapters: Comments and advice always appreciated...