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One day when I was really feeling down about something, my mom taught me how to crochet the pattern for her blankets. I was young and had so much going on beyond home that although at the time I did learn how- I only made small attempts to make one of my own, never having more than a row or two for my attempts.

While my mom was alive and could have helped me, I never found the time to start another one and after she was gone, I couldn’t remember the stitch –

I tried, frustratingly tried, to recreate the blanket’s stitch from the blankets she’d made for me and my family. I even undid the stitches in my own long forgotten, pitiful one row start that I’d found tucked in the back of a drawer. Let me tell you, It isn’t easy to follow a stitch as you pull it out – it just unravels and you still don’t see how it goes, at least I didn’t…and all the crochet books I bought – well they might as well have been written in a long lost language for all I understood of the instructions, ‘step by step’ was debatable. So for me, it was a long lost language as my mom wasn’t here to teach it to me.

I struggled for years with that pitiful row and then one day, my hands made it through the stitch and I knew immediately-THAT WAS IT! I remembered!

I sat there crying and laughing and thinking my mom must have taken pity on me and directed my hands for I really had no clue how I suddenly remembered the way the weaving went.

It still took me two years to complete a queen size blanket – and I am not kidding here when I say my mom would complete them in two weeks or less. Her hands flew with agility just knowing how to work the yarn - her hands were her eyes- as her eyes, due to macular degeneration, could no longer actually see the center of anything, least of all a tiny loop for a thread of yarn to pass through - but her hands knew and she could feel the loop and know it was right.

The day I completed that blanket I cried again, like a baby, and as I age now I understand why she sent everyone she knew and loved a blanket because there are days I really do need her- and I’ll wrap myself in one of her blankets and I swear to you…I feel her love.

On the day she died as we called relatives and friends they told us it was so strange because they had either just washed or just found her blanket tucked in a closet and had been thinking about her- and everyone of them had wrapped themselves in it an felt her love too.

This weeek I've been thinking a lot about my mom- the 24th of this month was her birthday.

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sweet and loving. 


Thank you celticman- I'm having a good cry today - but its not a bad thing.