Happiness is a warm keyboard=I live to and love to write

Happy New Year! with a big emphasis on the ‘HAPPY….

For me, the first minutes of the New Year bring optimism and the endings of the previous year bring reflections. What was, what could have been, what should have been…if only…

Those seconds before the final strike of midnight are burdened with a mixture of human emotions…sweeping out the clutter of dreams and wishes from our mental closets can be burdensome, or it can be treasure seeking...depending on what we find or what we’ve lost.

Whatever we’ve experienced in the ending year we’ll review it at that last stroke of December but with the first bells of January we can start anew.

What this New Year will hold is beyond our knowledge, what it will bring cannot truly be foretold, but that unknown is exactly what dreams are made of.

The wistful wants for a better tomorrow live in that first clock strike of a new year, in that one shared moment, everything is possible.

So I raise a toast to 2022 and all the beautiful dreams that may come true for all of us!

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Happy New Year Penny4! smiley


Thank you - and a Happy New Year to you too insert..!smiley