The Chronicles of a Lady (and her Maid)

A while ago, I had a bit of dialogue running through my head and I've learned, through bitter experience, that sooner or later I would have to commit it to writing before it drove me completely crackers!  So, I did, and it became a short story called 'She Who Would Valiant Be!' here on ABCtales.  It was totally unlike anything I'd ever written before but I was rather taken with the characters and wanted to see what might happen to them next, so I wrote another episode and thought that might be it.  However, one or two people (Jenny in particular) were very encouraging about the story and wanted to hear more, so I pushed the story on a little further.  24 episodes later, I finally managed to write 'The End', with the proviso that I will almost certainly revisit these characters in the not too distant future.  My grateful thanks to everyone here on the site who took the time to read the stories.

As you may have noticed, from the above, my approach to writing is not what you might call 'professional'.  I tend to write in the same way as I read, by starting at the beginning and then keeping on until I reach a natural conclusion.  Quite where the story is going to go, in the meantime, is as much a mystery to me as it is to the reader!  None of the twists and turns in this story were carefully planned, they just seemed to crop up smiley

If you want to read the story in its original fragmented version, you can do so by visiting the Collection 'The Chronicles of a Young Lady (and her Maid)' here on ABCtales.  However, if you like your fiction in a handy book format, the Chronicles are to be published as a Kindle e-book on Friday, 19th March, 2021, for the laughable price of just 99p, and are available to pre-order now.  A paperback version is also in progress and should be published in the next couple of weeks.  You can, of course, read the book for nothing at all if you're a member of Kindle Unlimited.

Find out all about the adventures of Aefelthrith and Gwladys, here:

The Chronicles of a Young Lady (and her Maid) Kindle version

The Chronicles in Paperback