The Chronicles of a Lady (and her Maid)

An ongoing story that germinated in a fragment of dialogue I just had to write down!  This is the story of Aefelthrith and Gladys (or Ethel and Glad) as they lurch from one catastrophe to another :-)


...'Gainst All Disaster - Episode 2

The fine young Lady and her maid from 'She Who Would Valiant Be' continue their adventure.

Shall Make Her Once Relent? - Episode 4

In which the ladies are transported and an unacceptable suggestion is made

She Who Would Valiant Be - Episode 1

Picture: Saffron Blaze, via You know how sometimes you have some dialogue running through your mind and it drives you nuts until you do something with it? No? Oh well, it's just me then! Well, anyway, this dialogue has been occupying my mind all day, so I had to do something with it. Now it can occupy yours :-)

There's No Discouragement... - Episode 3

In which our ladies get food, drink and shelter for the night and some encouraging a manner of speaking.

To Be A Pilgrim! - Episode 7

In which Gwladys explains the nature of transactional relationships and 'Ethel' finds herself demoted.

Who So Beset Her Round? - Episode 5

In which names are called and unexpected acquaintances made!

With Dismal Stories - Episode 6

In which Aefelthrith avoids a fate worse than death, but Gwladys doesn't!

Do But Themselves Confound - Episode 8

In which Aefelthrith sulks and Gwladys sets her straight.

Her Strength The More is? - Episode 9

In which Gwladys wants a night on the town, and Aeflethrith gets a shock!

Follow The Master? - Episode 10

In which Aefelthrith confronts a face from her past and Gwladys has her own thoughts

No Foes Shall Stay Her Might! - Episode 11

In which Gwladys points out a few things and Aefelthrith takes umbrage.

Though She With Giants Fight! - Episode 12

In which Aefelthrith draws blood and Gwladys packs her bags

Then Fancies Flee Away! - Episode 13

In which Gwladys tries to make a break for it, and Aefelthrith falls for another!

She'll Labour Night And Day* - Episode 14

In which Gwladys sets to work, and the penny drops for Aefelthrith

Shall Life Inherit! - Episode 15

In which the Parson stops the Watch and Dolly hands it to Aefelthrith

She'll Fear Not What Men Say! - Episode 16

In which Aefelthrith has a troubled night and everyone has a troubled day!

Hobgoblin, Nor Foul Fiend! - Episode 17

In which the Sergeant looks to his men and the 'Parson' looks above.

One Who Will Constant Be - Episode 18

In which Dolly poses some questions and the 'Parson' thinks he has an answer

Come Wind, Come Weather! - Episode 19

In which Aefelthrith has her doubts and Gwladys is at a loss!

Can Daunt Her Spirit - Episode 20

In which Gwladys brings things to a stop and Aefelthrith finds a way out!

She Will Make Good Her Right - Episode 21

In which Clarence is disappointed and Dolly feels her feet!

Her First Avowed Intent - Episode 22

In which Jarvis is counting on his hands and Gwladys is counting her blessings!

Let Her In Constancy - Episode 23

In which Aefellthrith wants to get out, and Jarvis and Cocker want to get in!

She Knows She At The End - Episode 24

In which Aefelthrith makes her exit and Clarence gets the point!