Available now for pre-order - MALIGN INTENT 27-01-2024

Wishing you all a very happy & peaceful new year.

Now that the dishes & champagne flutes are washed & stowed away. Now that the fireworks finale is lying around the garden, I'd like to let you kind readers know that my 10th (yes, hard to believe TENTH) novel - MALIGN INTENT is available for pre order now...

The back page blurb

"Tag, bag and bury the bastard, Crowe…”

An August bank holiday should be about relaxation, taking time out to see family and friends and enjoying a beer or two. But when former gonzo journalist, Aonghus Hanafin is found hanging along a desolate estuary, the nearest SIO to the incident, Garda Inspector Pius John Crowe, is called to examine the scene.

Crowe has seen enough dead bodies in his time to suspect that Aonghus Hanafin wasn’t the hanging kind. He discovers a puzzling detail too; the late journalist had MS.

So how could Hanafin hang himself from a tree along a desolate estuary between two rural parishes?

Directed by his superiors to close off the former journalist’s death as a suicide, Crowe delves deeper and finds Hanafins death leads to a retired Chief Justice who is slated to take a prestigious appointment in Europe. Crowe gets to learn of a Swiss bank account, with over a million Euros in it that may be fuelling a lifestyle that the retired Chief Justice, Barry Gartland can barely afford.

In this contemporary neo-noir thriller, in Crowe’s investigation into how Hanafin died, loyalties blur and justice and truth are not always what they seem, placing him in the line of fire with a powerful elite…

… and may end up costing him his life …

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Stay safe this year & happy reading!