Goodbye to Birdland

It was easy to deactivate my Twitter Account. For the past four years, I found it easy (too easy at times) to get mired in in pointless arguments - especially the toxicity of the Brexit debate.

I lost sight of why I was on the platform; primarily to sell my books and engage with the writing community. I would close my laptop fueled in anger and hurt. Both on a personal level - I received threats on my time line and watching educated and thoughtful posts attacked by bots and greyed out avatars. Yes, you could scroll back, along or bypass posts that wouldn't interest you but I found I had become addicted.

I would seek out posts and launch into commentary - notably political posts.and wade on into it and forgetting to realize these are automated posts. Generated from media hubs without any human thought or nous. They were simply spewing policy in a binary form.

There was no humanity in the content any more.

Then Musk arrived. The redline for me was always Trump. That child/man who sought attention, who found a champion in another child / man - the richest child / man on the planet. Both men, lacking the basic decency - misfiring personalities with serious mental deficiencies who had no place in society but had wealth and acolytes willing to do their bidding.

Once Must tweeted a political statement, he clearly mapped out whose side he was on and where the platform was going.

It was a no-brainer.

I have left - shut down my Twitter handle and watching the platform disintegrate gives me little joy but also a small amount of Schadenfreude. As Elon Musk is finding out the hard way, people aren't commodities to be bought and sold. They are an asset to any product.

And I hope Musk / Trump / West and all the wingnuts who adhere and enable their toxicity burn in a digital inferno of their own making 

I'm over at Mastadon now - you can find me here














I'm on Twitter, but I've no interest in it. Is Trump back on Twitter? 


yes he is along the 59 000 tweets he had made before being shut down

Robert Craven

shame. but no surprise. his voice was diluted, his attempts at creating a new 'free speech' i.e. hate platform the usual dismal failure. 


yes we are all in