Happy New year! some thoughts on writing

Good morning from a lockdown Dublin.

I'd like to wish everyone here a safe and happy 2021.

I was going through some old notebooks and files last year during the idle months of April Level 5. As a writer, I tend to hoard; I have spaces jammed with half-filled notebooks, random idea pages, and newspaper and magazine clippings, so with all the unexpected free time, I decided to purge a lot of old or unused material and get it out of the house. I came across an abandoned entire novel I had written titled ALLUCanEat. I finished it in 2014, but it never quite worked - the premise was simple - ‘You can eat whatever you like, whenever you like and always be thin, but you will always be hungry. Come to a retreat with a difference, with an environment where one of a more robust nature can lose weight radically, but safely..

But for various reasons and overall feeling of it being under-developed and creaky, I did nothing with it. Then AUCE became through most of 2015, an ill-fated and bad-tempered collaboration that left me disheartened and dispondent (and wrecked a friendship too.) By January 2016, it had slipped out of sight, only being resurrected -  the Manuscript - all of 29000 words became a spare parts file - almost every novel I wrote since had passages and threads taken and transplanted down to the story's bones. So, as I have completed my current novel and now going through the soul-eating task of pitching it to agents (in the middle of a pandemic), I decided to dust down AUCE and format it.

It is only when I re-read it over Christmas 2020, treating it as a sort of signpost through my writing journey, I realised it could probably go up as an e-book, and I could close this project off for good (both mentally and physically) and dump the hard-copy material out. My logic is simple; better to have something up and out there rather than gathering binary dust on a hard drive.

So, it has a new title - DARK APPETITES - it's only a Kindle and only on Amazon. Those who have read my other books will recognise some of the passages and names and if not, it is a humour/horror take on modern celebrity and poses the question - just how much can a celebrity get away with these days?

I'm also using my first nomme de plume - W.T. Edsel

as they say.. watch this space


Here it is on Amazon








good luck. waste not want not, everything we write is recyclable.