Great Audition

I had a great audition on ‘The Voice UK’ tonight when my reggae interpretation of, ‘The Wheels On The Bus’, caused all 4 judges to turn amidst rapturous applause from the audience., in reflective mode, said, “It was like when aliens land in your back garden and they ask you to take them to your leader and you think, ‘now that’s dope’.”


Jennifer Hudson, hand on hip, ordered with attitood, “You come to Momma now, boy!”


Tom Jones reflected nostalgically, “I remember a night in a hotel room in Vegas when I was taking a shower and Elvis walked in and sang, ‘Are you lonesome tonight?’”


Ollie Murs woke with a start and started singing, “I just want you to dance with me tonight.”


I chose Emma Willis.


I am glad you made it to round two, Shackleton. 'Don't stop me now, I'm having a good time'  Queenwink

I think I missed last week's episode, Elsie... not sure if I got any further in the competition.


good to see such success. I know who Elvis is and Tom Jones. I don't know who the rest are, but I'm sure you're on to a winner. 


I can't remember who the other ones were myself now.