Reaside Walking

I was feeling rather stodgy after Christmas excess and Mrs. Treaclechops had a mild dose of winter blues, so we decided to have a stroll along the river Rea in south Birmingham. It was a mild 10℃, with a sky of intermittent light cloud and bright sunshine. The start of our walk was a 15-minute drive away and we planned for a half hour wander… one hour in total for the excursion.


As ever, I took my camera, but with the bleak winter landscape squashed between urban sprawl, there was little scope for any good photos. The one I’ve posted here was the best I could get. Not a great variety of wildlife in the city at this time of year. We encountered a gang of pigeons, a mob of magpies and a couple of ubiquitous grey squirrels.


It was sad to see about 50 items of litter on our walk. These included beer cans, plastic bottles and a full black bag of rubbish. There’s a sub species of homo sapiens that live amongst us and they are responsible for all the carelessly discarded rubbish in the world. They make up about 10% of the population in all cultures, regardless of ethnicity, skin tone and bank balance, and are closely related to the Orcs of ‘Lord of the Rings’ fame. ‘Off with their heads!’ says I.


I can't see the photo - perhaps have another go at posting it?


Hi Insert. It's a bit weird. When I click on 'Blogs' at the top of the page, I can see the photo. However, if I click on 'New Blogs', the photo is not there. Is there a techno-glitch with ABCTales, or perhaps evidence of paranormal activity? Regards, Shackleton.


Ah... I've got it now. I had uploaded the image, but not inserted it. Thanks for the nudge.


oh good! I hadn't got around to looking into it yet