never done a blog so hear goes, and i come back

hi late at night, yes it is late. but i was thinking i start my blog on here. i have been away for a while not able to write for a few months. sad events took a hold of my family. my brother passaway in may and due to the time people have to wait until you can say goodbye to a person, we did not have that until June. so no poem from me or are there song lyrics i write never very sure on that point.

   this a wonderfully site, we all come here to learn, to let out our inner soul of writing, whatever it may be. i think all writer  don't like to share there work. why do i say that. well our writings are our babies our children, and i think sometime we don't want to let them go  and share ( hold hand up here lol )

in my writing i try not to swear, try not to be hard. which i am thinking i  should be. yes hold my had up, to my grammar and spelling ( good job for spell check lol) some people think i am dyslexic  no sure on that one. mm let me think i can write with both hands and cant tell left from right a bit like my brain.

i just think i be me, i cant be you  i don't think i fit in your shoes lol 

so over the next few months week i got a bit crazy on here, i am writing from my soul. but let me say this also i been to a funeral last month and next month  my daughter  getting married. so how that for four wedding and a funreal ( never like that film i have to say lol)

don't know if i ever write on this blog again who knows. but let me say this there are a lot of people tonight going into worst thing then i am. and also sibling lost is not talk about enough, and if you see someone in need don't matter if you don't know them a smile goes a long way.


stay crazy  and happy people

swindonwoody ( Maggie)


Stay cool Maggie. Writing is therapy. I'm so sorry for your loss.


Nice to see you back again Maggie - I hope you write more of your blog, (and poems and songs). So sorry to hear your sad news - hope the wedding goes well!


just write and figure it out, later. Works for me.