The All New

This is an exciting new development for us - and I hope you like it! Inevitably there are teething problems but we are swiftly getting them sorted out.

If you have a problem then it's best to post it on the Forum here:







Just wanted to say the new layout is turning into a great step forward now I'm getting used to it.  Panic stricken at first because I don't much like change and when I lost all my work for a short time.  Now though I am finding it easier to use and it seems to have a  lot more features.  Congratulations to all concerned and I will be making a donation within the next week as I'm sure it has been an expensive exercise but  a big  thank you to Tony and everyone at ABC. 



Trying to keep away for a bit as getting paranoid over glitches affecting me personally so thought I would see whether anything has changed!  But no, for example I'm still unable to do paragraphs which is frustrating on a writing website. (this is where I would normally press enter for new para but nothing happens!!).  Another problem is inability to come out of italics (despite pressing relevant button).  Please would it be possible for the Glitches thread to have a higher profile please - and is anyone else experiencing similar problems?  Now trying bold, but can't get out of this either.  Difficult to post and edit and also to comment. True my laptop is fairly new but I haven't had these problems anywhere else so assuming these are Abc glitches.  Any help or advice welcome.  Thanks in advance.

It wanted me to write unbroken lines of prose. So I had to write it in word and push the button.Is there an explanation somewhere of how to use it all?


Sorry about above post which also appears elsewhere in the forum (Abc Noticeboard).  I feel I am currently taking the booby prize for being the prime  whinger here but I now can't delete this - only able to save or preview.