BloodMining by Laura Wilkinson

A review by Tony Cook:

Let me begin by stating quite clearly and unequivocably that I like this book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, I found the characters realistic and engaging, the storyline compelling and the writing direct and lean.

BloodMining is divided into three sections. The first and third sections are set in the future Britain of around 2050 after a devastating plague has wiped out swathes of the population, the middle section is back in good old 2015 when life was still as we know it.

The story revolves around notions of identity and genetic inheritance. Who are we and how do we get there? The heroine, Megan Evens, is a go-getting journalist who gives it all up when she falls pregnant and goes home to live with her mother on the North Wales coast. Her long time friend and fellow journalist, Jack North, is her ally as they strive to discover the truth behind Megan’s family history in order to save her child’s life.

The book works best when it revolves around family life. The descriptions of the feelings between grandmother, mother and child are full of insight and the plot depends on the fine lines of love and commitment that interweave them all. Where I found it less compelling was in the journalistic sections but then, as a former investigative journalist, I kept thinking ‘that’s not what she would have done’ and so maybe too much knowledge, for me, was a spoiling factor. There is even one sizeable chunk of investigation when they track down an old doctor in Cornwall that is entirely unnecessary and that, I must admit, did grate.

But that should not detract from the overall impression – a darn good book and a darn good read.
Those who have read Laura’s work over the past few years on ABCtales will know that she is a writer of great skill and fine descriptive power. This is her first novel, it’s with a small press, and she earned the publication by winning their ‘new writers’ competition. I cannot commend BloodMining to you more highly – it’s a genuine page turner that’s both original and fascinating.

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Publisher: Bridge House Publishing


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