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Fish and Chips (I P)

Wonderful day in the golden sun playing around as I'm queuing at the St Anne's Well Cafe Babies in their high seats gurgling to each other near the table I am sitting

'The Times They Are A Changing' (I.P)

Easter morning I was then hanging out hand washing seagull's crying shocking! Or was it the song I was singing we are taught 'Singing for pleasure' "Love Never Dies" turned to go back in

Oh! What an Atmosphere (IP)

Never smile at a crocodile! It will snap maybe back at you maybe.

The Beauty Of Springtime (updated 656 reads. Now emails coming 'Spring Fever' posted May 2, 2011)

The shimmering sun on the horizon yellow primroses sprouting up Golden daffodils holding up their trumpet heads white snow drops bell shaped hanging down so delicate

The Magic Snowman Updated and altered November 30th 2012

No likes yet ♦ Bookmark ♦ Yourself Posted by Cavalcaderl on June 19, 2009 - 17:48 I'm going too build a snowman or at least try with a scarf a hat and a pipe! He will stand in the garden


4 of my comments have received 4 Great Feedback votes

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your poem 'Only Cats Walk Away' fab.

Posted on Thu, 05 Feb 2015

Silver Spun Sand


Great way with words Tina always.

Wait,perhaps for the night 

and for the moon

to cool this...

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Posted in Only Cats Know When to Walk Away

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new Biggus sorry, I

Posted on Wed, 03 Jun 2009

new Biggus sorry, I have just read this short beautiful sweet nectar poem. Great. 13173 Reads. Fab; julie xRead full comment


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New frances Mcaula well done

Posted on Mon, 14 Sep 2009

New frances Mcaula well done story and film. was it true, brings me back to my Mum D. 2004 similiar circumstances Nursing Home My last word "I Love You Mum" and you to name she said and then slipped into coma state, a very keep going person to see...Read full comment

Posted in Film Script for 'Love You Mum"