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Huge as it is in the sky to-night up there glowing in the atmosphere shining so bright My belated pop would say he was always right a full moon cunning can be draws the river banks you see


Always I used to try and get it to rise beat and beat the eggs with a fork in those times Could look like a sponge time was up come out flat maybe had forgotten gone black

'LOVE SONG' RE-POSTED NOT MINE! 2009 I Feel mcscraic needs a cherry!?

Wonderful piece you have written. A timeless treasure is a song it walks proudly with us,hand in hand sharing a special relationship in our lives, There are so many lyrics but

' FOREVER FAITHFUL' now updated

And all that “Jazz” I hoped he would Pop! In on our get together Our 40 years Ruby day I called him From the shop's pathway Just a little miaow! Follows me in again

Coo Cooing (IP)

Coo cooing like lovers in love carrier pigeons with little tags on Peck pecking away the noise they make so loud messy droppings to clear away Sent to far of countries and far beyond