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We were brought up don't talk with your mouth full at the table Never answer back be like pictures on the wall seen and not heard Freedom here in the home when one wants to speak

On Such A Beautiful Day

When things go wrong Look up to the clear blue sky a star twinkling extra bright you may see one for you When things go wrong walk on Walk on when your alone throw away the mobile

' Naughty Naughty Boy'

The latest craze in fashion 10 Cat's wearing hats in the paper I think this is wrong To be fitted by an elastic band do they think they are lady Ga-Ga's I have two fasciliators


PINDA When the clouds are grey I think of your poems day by day the golden sun is shining you were the sparkling star! In the celestial sky the magic of your writing jumped off the pages


Barry Green the pianists nods his head as the finger's are bent for timing Ripple over the keys One hand is playing pianissimo the other the melody then the kettle drums