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Over The Moon With Excitement

My goodness me. "Jazz" is working! again. We all wish The Queen Elizabeth II ER A Happy and Glorious 60 years. Diamond Jubilee. 1952-2012 Long May ma'am Reign.

IT Was a Divine Intervention

Truly amazing. I had gone to bed before 11pm. Never watch football much,only look how or who is winning. I decided to buzz Ray,in other room on

What A Nightmare

I had no cheese before bed. And only one glass of


The latest thing I have read. In the paper and photos,made me feel utterly sick, loving pets,truly missed when die,have a cremation


Ray gave me a chunk of cake with little monkies on they looked so yummy it really wasn't funny Pop! one in the mouth umm feel them melt I swollowed my tea eaten a milky way I felt ill