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Am I green just a little frog jumped in the salad bag maybe it was cold or just a bit sad Hid behind the leaves hoped he would woudn't be seen when Molly got home undone the polythene


Like the wings of the plane flying in the wind or a heart can be happy when it sings Much harder to type the words I want I can weave colours in my head like a loom Of images so bright

The Green Wheelbarrow (IP)

What a man he was our dad a garden with sweet peas trellising up the bamboo canes His carrots to 'see in the dark' cabbage to 'make the hair curl' potatoes with long roots


Sitting at the Pavilion cafe' to feel grand a slice of lemon drizzle cake and a cuppa tea in my hand The tree's are swaying in between the cracks of a blue chink sky

My Beautiful Ring true

Once I had a beautiful ring my father gave my brother and eventually gave to me as in the pub people said give it to me But as passing it over dropped to the ground the top fell off