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All the ingredients can be mixed and shaken up spice can be too hot a litle bit of this and that Things on the scales usd to be weighed by weights if not correct wouldn't balance right

Don't Take My Love Away (IP)

Angel is sitting by the window Typing in her Morse code A for ‘Angel’ B for bright C for cat There is an awful wailing noise outside Carries on four times

'When I Was Young'

'Black Shoes/Prawn Sandwich Comp. Entry'


The appointment at an opticians I had chosen to go as it was cheaper there for an eye sight test I was welcomed in and a puffer used in each eye then sat in a chair

WHAT A TALE (True) what a laugh!

oH! What a day it was 'Mystic Rose' got up got ready to go to the shops Popped a bit of mascara on the brush gave her a black eye she touched her cheeks With a bit of rouge