Sometimes The World Is Too Beautiful

That's the title of the new book of poetry by ABCtales member Swep Lovitt - known on here as bosch.

Swep has longed to publish this book for a while and now his time has come. The poems in the slim volume take us on a personal journey through the break-up of his marriage and divorce. It's not bitter but it is sad.

The poems have been carefully honed. The work on them shows through time after time. You realise that every word has been considered, crafted and the sparsity of the language leaves you re-reading each line to extract the maximum. These are not 'difficult' poems but they are intense.

It's a book to keep with you. I've had it by my bedside for the past few weeks and I come back to it time after time. This is the story of a life, raw and honest. I commend it to you.

You can buy it here:

For more of bosch's writing on ABCtales:


Have to endorse this recommendation, spare, crafted and intense, just as Tony says.


This is a beautifully put together and well-written collection. It was a pleasure to read.

wow, what a recommendation. Love the book title too... will keep this in mind. Congrats Bosch!

I can recommend this book. As stated it is intense and well-crafted!