Story, Poem and Book of the Year

These are Tony Cook's picks and he hopes that you have enjoyed them as much as him.


Sikander's 'Stargazing':

With honourable mentions to Annabel Wigoder for 'Adam's Hands': and Chelsey Flood for '10 things I couldn't Say to You':


Hai Anh's 'And She Is Drowning Before The Silt':

With honourable mentions to dilletante's 'Soliloquy in Yellow': and kilb50's 'The Poet Laid Bare' :

A very special mention too to the piece that made me gasp with wonder the most in the year - the incredibly clever and really rather wonderful 'A Star Rises As Dean Realigns Tina's Destiny (or Dean, Tina and Stan in Pain Triangle). This only uses letters from the words 'desperately seeking'

Book of the Year goes to Christine for her extraordinary 'A Neurotic's A-Z of Breast Cancer':

With honourable mentions to Jennifer for 'Unbelievable': and niki72 for 'We'll Be Happy Once Again Never Mind':

This is a purely arbitrary choice made by Tony Cook but congratulations are due to the winners and better luck for next year to everyone else!