Saturday 30 March – Monday 1 April 2013

I didn’t go for a run over the rest of the bank holiday, as I developed a cold. I am, let me repeat, a fair weather runner. Though I’ve run pretty regularly my entire adult life, but I do not run if it’s raining, in the snow, in the ice, or if I have a cold.

My running is affected before I’ve any idea I’ve a cold coming on, it’s the first symptom. As you can see from my previous blog, I found the run a struggle, I was stiff, uncomfortable and my time was two minutes longer than normal. Up to that point I’d no idea I was unwell, but my body clearly had better ideas.

I guess if I ever develop a more serious condition then my running will be the first indication of that as well. So watch this blog carefully for any sudden dip in my times, reports of unexpected stiffness, you could be first to diagnose my illness.