poetry in music

Music and reading and writing is my life. Some weeks I will find a lost song and get close to it again. British pop music of the 70s & 80s is so poetical and full of hidden philosophy. A younger generation can learn so much from this period of art. We are an island of poets and im sure we know it.

This week a certain song has been inspiring me into better health. In the comments section of the song I wrote

" a ballad for humanity ".

Spandua ballet...through the barricades.

An island of poets. A world of poets.

Have a nice day people !


Poetry is music &


Fantastic legacy of music from before the fifties and still going today. Poetry and song lyrics are different, but both can still touch one's soul in their own right. An island of poets and an island of songsters... most certainly. Enjoyed reading your words, Thornwood... you got me reflecting on it all. Take care now.