A man for his time

President Mandela was the only man who could unify South-Africa he was a great man, a man for his time and his dream was of a Rainbow Nation a brotherhood of our people's. He was known for charisma, affection and compassion, love for his country and love for all its people.

The President of the Republic of South-Africa Cyril Ramaphosa is a leader of great integrity, reason and knowledge. He is our leader and worthy and as such has to be honoured with utmost respect. We have to support and cooperate as brothers irrespective of any other affiliations such as political historical and religious, or considerations of race and gender.

I do not know much but I do know that if we do not stand together we will fall together it is a matter of survival. As Longfellow said, all our strength is in our union, all our danger is in discord.

Let us live to see the vision of a rising sun and a new day in Africa, of freedom prosperity peace and happiness.