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Story and Poem of the Week and IP

ABC Tales is on a real roll at the moment - lots of brilliant stuff coming in from both new and familiar names. It's been really exciting to read so much good work, and makes choosing the week's pick an invidious task. However, here we go. Poem of the Week goes to Unseasonably Warm by longrunningspatula. It's full of character observation, wry humour and hope, and it helps that it's brilliantly written. Do get along to have a look if you haven't...

Poem and Story Of The Week and Inspiration Point

Our Story of the Week comes from a writer new to ABC Tales. LJ Huxton's 'Liminal' is a rich, evocative exploration of past echoes and present relationships. Please do read it if you haven't done so already: Our Poem of the Week shares the theme of memory and times lost. Accidentally Existing's beautiful 'Forgotten Copse' deals wryly with the disappointment change can bring, but also looks forward...

Story, Poem and Inspiration Point Of The Week

As usual, lots of wonderful stuff on the site this week, and really hard to make choices. Poem of the week goes to Hudsonmoon's beautiful, heartwarming celebration of love, Our Feet Don't Run: Story of the week is Rosaliekempthorne's Breeder of Black Cats, which manages to be both unsettling and comforting all at the same time: