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Story and Poem and Inspiration Point of the Week

Congratulations this week to Lavadis for 'Cannibal' and blighters rock for 'Result!' - two fabulous pieces. I hope you both come back and post more soon. This week's Inspiration Point is to write something around the theme of 'letters to myself'. Good luck!

Story and Poem of the Month *UPDATED*

Our Picks of the Month for May have been chosen by blackjack-davey (who's also got a very good idea for a competition in the near future!). Here they are: Honourable mentions this month go to Yvonne Anderson’s It was Our Home where we experience the writer’s displacement and dawning recognition that the traffic and bustle and soup kitchen serving the homeless is where she now lives and by extension this is who she is... the Edwardian villa has...

A Celebration of Julia

I was just going to feature one of her pieces as our daily pick, but having read everything Julia posted on ABCTales I think she deserves a bit more space. If you were around a few years ago, you knew her as Overthetop1. Her mum writes here too as seashore. Her real name is Julia and she died suddenly and very tragically last week. In celebration of her wonderful talent here are four of my favourite pieces - but really, if you have time, read...

Story, Poem and Inspiration Point of the Week

A very hard choice this week - both for poetry and prose. in fact it's only the puzzle of how to put them both on the front page that I haven't chosen two poems and two stories. Perhaps we'll have to include a second place... Anyway.. Story of the Week goes to MJG for Breaking Rules, which is a real tour de force and I hope she submits it as suggested: Poem of the Week is Sam Hennig's The Tube,...

Book Launch for Christine Hamill Tomorrow!

Her first (very successful) foray into publishing 'B is for Breast Cancer' took form on ABCTales and now her next book is being published tomorrow. Here's the lowdown: A funny new children’s book by Christine Hamill about the unfunny subject of cancer Available 18 May 2016 | €8.99, PB, 180pp, age 9+ | ISBN 978 1 9104 1151 3 Dear Harry Hill I know you must be really busy but please, please take a minute to help me. I am a twelve-year-old boy and...

Story and Poem and Inspiration Point of the Week

What a week for poems and prose. But there always has to be a winner ( or winners) in this case. Story Of The Week goes to The Other Terrence Oblong for THE STOAT PROBLEM. It's clever, witty and with the great style that TOTO has in bucketfulls! I loved it. As for Poem Of The Week, there was a stand out piece from Philip Sydney. SHALL I BE MOTHER is a triumph of delicate memories...

Story and Poem and Inspiration Point of the Week

Two brilliant picks for you this week, both of which have stayed with me since I first read them. Congratulations to Jane Hyphen for 'The Call Centre' - a study in claustrophobia and futility with one small gleam of hope, and to Yvonne Anderson for 'It Was Our Home' - a finely crafted piece of life writing. If you enjoy them too, please let the authors know - it's always nice to get a comment!

Story and Poem of the Month

April's Story and Poem of the Month have been chosen for us by the lovely Philip Sidney aka Helen Richardson. Here are her picks: Thank you so much for the privilege of selecting the poem and the story of the month for April! Such a difficult thing to do, so I went for gut feelings. There were so many fantastic poems. Silver Spun’s warm as honey, ‘Where the Bee Sucks’, works on so many levels:

Story, Poem and Inspiration Point of the Week

So much good stuff to choose from this week - particularly prose - but I hope you like the two I finally settled on. Story of the week goes to The Baby In The Well by Jewel Serpent. A beautiful voice with a very necessary message. Our Poem of the Week is Silver Spun Sand's Where The Bee Sucks. It's Earth Day today, and what better way to celebrate than with this stunning hymn to nature.

Bee's Journey

For everyone who's been following this, please read my update: